The Risks of Wardrivers

We tend to believe that our so-called “secure” WiFi networks, like the one you probably use at home, are totally safe. We only need to worry about public WiFi networks, right?  But there are real dangers to your home WiFi networks, like the threat of wardrivers. Wardrivers use hardware and software to find WiFi signals… Read More

Hacking Small Businesses Is Big Business for Cybercriminals

From Facebook, Apple, Twitter, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, the growing list of companies that have fallen victim to hackers reads like Who’s Who in American businesses.  That might lead small and medium sized business owners to conclude one of two things:  they’re protected from hack attacks because they’re too small… Read More

Reducing Security Risks When Your Workforce is Remote

Since COVID-19 transformed our world and revolutionized the trend towards remote working, many of your employees may be working at home at least some of the time. Has your business security taken these remote workers into account?  The reality is that most applications are now cloud-based and can be accessed wherever and however your employees… Read More

Private Communication Corp. to release Private Label Cloud VPN for the remote/hybrid SMB workforce

Remote WorkForce VPN assures advanced private-label cloud-based VPN solution that ensures military-grade encryption to SMBs at affordable rate. November 27, 2021: Over 40% of cyberattacks are aimed at SMBs, leading to serious financial losses and damage to reputation. The problem has escalated further especially in the new-normal era when remote working has become a norm…. Read More

What Is a VPN?: Ask the Expert

This is the first “Ask the Expert” column in which Private WiFi CEO and computer security expert Kent Lawson responds to readers’ questions. This column will be an ongoing, monthly series, and this inaugural column discusses VPNs and their importance in staying protected online.

Private Communications Corporation Launches Software to Protect Consumer Data Transmitted over Unencrypted Public Wifi Networks

Merchants Information Solutions, Inc., a leading data breach risk management and identity theft solution provider and Private Communications Corporation have entered into a strategic alliance through which members of Merchants SmartIDentity suite of solutions have access to Private Communications Corporation Private WiFi cutting-edge VPN Encryption solution through an exclusive agreement. “We are excited to partner with Private Communications Corporation… Read More

Ask the Expert: Am I Safe Using My Laptop in My Hotel Room?

You think you’re safe within the walls of your hotel room, but the minute you log on to the Internet you are potentially exposing yourself to privacy violations, identity theft, and a host of other cybercrimes you can’t even see happening. In this latest monthly installment of Ask the Expert, CEO Kent Lawson focuses on staying safe when you’re browsing online in your hotel room and the real reasons why a hotel cable connection is no safer than its WiFi connection. Ultimately, he says, the only way to protect yourself in hotels, whether using WiFi or a cable connection, is to use a virtual private network.

Why You Need to Use a VPN for Online Banking

How we bank has changed Banking used to be a personal experience. If we needed to get money out of our account, or deposit money into it, we would go to our bank, stand in line, and then interact with the bank teller. As things changed over time, we began to use banks in different… Read More