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Provide more secure, higher-performing mobile services – and achieve new market differentiation – with Private Communications’ leading-edge technology.

Support Your Strategies With Our Technology.

Achieve new differentiation and open up new revenue streams by partnering with Private Communications. With technology that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly, and scaled easily to fit your needs, Private Communications is your partner for providing more secure, optimally enhanced mobile experiences to your customers.

Our dedicated Relationship Manager oversees every phase of the partner onboarding and enablement process. And, to ensure business is tracking as planned, we stay in touch through ongoing regular touch points, and provide robust, streamlined state of business reporting.

Plus, through our easily scalable and customizable technologies, we have the flexibility to test, adjust and launch campaigns to maximize market opportunity. So you can move to market quickly and successfully.


Private Communications was built to partner. We have robust experience onboarding and integrating global partners, including antivirus, OEMs, ISPs, cable, and telecom companies.


Compatible with all major smart devices, our products can be customized to align with your partnering needs. We have servers in most major countries around the world, and can scale quickly even further to meet your needs, any time, anywhere.


Enhance your existing products and service offerings to increase customer satisfaction and average revenue per user (ARPU) by providing the more secure, higher-performing mobile experiences that give you competitive advantage.


Confidently protect your customers from hackers and identity thieves phishing open WiFi connections, and from data overage fees, with technologies that make every connection a private one – and reduce data usage by up to 50%.

Value Added Distribution

Reach a new range of customers.

Partner with Private Communications to resell our innovative technologies within your existing products, platforms and channels to create new revenue streams and enhance mobile experiences for your customers.

When you become a Distribution Partner, you will benefit from:

  • Marketing resources to help promote the service to your customers
  • Generous revenue share
  • Flexible billing arrangements – either PCC or the partner can bill customer
  • Access to our worldwide server network
  • World-class support for your customers

Private Branding

Our product as your own.

Offer our technologies to your customers with white label branding that’s fully customizable – including application icons, product name, logo, account information and various help files. All of which feature your branding.

As a Private Branded Partner, you will benefit from:

  • A streamlined technical onboarding process 
  • “Train the Trainer” Customer Service sessions
  • A handoff of our Marketing assets and best practices
  • Access to our worldwide server network

Technology Integration

Enhance your products’ security and performance.

Differentiate your offerings to provide more secure, optimized mobile experiences to your users. By integrating our API into your offerings, you can support your product line with added value – or create new bespoke products, which create new revenue streams.

PCC provides Technology Integration opportunities for partners through our various licensing initiatives, such as:

  • API licensing for encryption and data compression
  • Custom Services implemented on PCC’s VPN servers
  • Leverage PCC’s Global Server Network to service customers 
  • Android platform deployment for PCC’s encryption and compression via APKs (i.e. on to Android device ROM)

Private Communications does not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution and our focus is to collaborate closely with partners to develop customized solutions that best serve their business needs.


  • What is the PCC partner program?
    • PCC’s partner program is an opportunity for other companies (e.g. telecom and cable companies, Value Added Services providers to telecom and cable companies, Internet Service Providers, antivirus companies, etc.) to distribute PCC’s products or to create bespoke solutions using PCC’s market-leading technologies.
  • Is there a cost to become a PCC partner?
    • There is cost to become a PCC partner. There are initial startup fees for specific partnership types and more details are available from your Account Manager. 
  • What are the different types of PCC partnerships?
    • PCC offers unique partnership opportunities for all kinds of companies. Partnership types include companies that can private brand PCC’s products (Private Branding), distribute PCC’s products (Value Added Distribution) or leverage PCC’s market-leading technologies to develop bespoke solutions (Technology Integration). 
  • What are the different types of pricing for various PCC partnership types?
    • As a Value Added Distributor (using PCC’s name), there are restrictions on pricing. As a Private Branded partner, PCC has minimum royalties, in order to cover the cost of PCC’s server network and the use of PCC’s IP. For Technology Integration partners, since it is bespoke, pricing depends on what the partner wishes to offer, volumes, etc. More details are available from your Account Manager.
  • How do I learn more about partnering with PCC?
    • To become a PCC partner, please send an email to so someone from our team can contact you. We treat each partner enquiry separately. 
  • How is PCC’s partnering approach different from similar companies in this space?PCC’s partner program is geared towards any and all companies looking to offer encryption and DataCompression products and services. PCC does not have a “one-size-fits-all” solution and the focus is to collaborate closely with partners to develop customized solutions that best serve a partner’s business needs.
  • Where can I find more information on PCC’s products Private WiFi and DataCompress?
  • I want to embed encryption/VPN or data compression into my solution. Does PCC have a program to handle this?
    • Yes. This is part of the Technology Integration program from PCC. Please review the section on this site or contact for more information.
  • I want to integrate my software solution or develop an add-on module for PCC’s products. Do you have a program for this?
    • This is not part of the standard partnership types from PCC, so please contact with more details so we may assist you. 
  • Is there a Partnership Agreement I can review?
    • We have different Partnership Agreements for the different partnership types. Please contact so we can send you the relevant agreement.
  • As a partner, are there branding guidelines for using PCC product brands in conjunction with my brand?
    • Yes. We have specific branding guidelines for use of our registered marks and logos. As a Value Added Distributor, PCC has specific restrictions on the use of our marks and logos. Private Branded partners have no restrictions since PCC’s trademarks are not involved. Please contact to receive the relevant guidelines.
  • Do PCC’s partners get PCC products for internal use?
    • Yes. We offer not-for-resale licenses to our partners strictly for internal use. Please contact your Account Manager for more details.