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White Papers

Integrating Encryption & Data Compression Technology in your Product/Apps

Coffee shops. Hotels. Airports. No public wifi hotspot in the world is secure. From usernames and passwords to social media account details and other confidential information, hackers and identity thieves can literally swipe private information out of thin air.

Discover how a personal VPN solution can help keep your users protected everywhere.

The Hidden Dangers of Public WiFi

Coffee shops. Hotels. Airports. No public WiFi hotspot in the world is secure. But many users simply do not understand the security issues as they move from their home network or mobile data network to public WiFi. They need an intelligently designed personal VPN solution to automatically keep them protected.

This white paper covers:

  • What HTTPS is and its limitations
  • Why antivirus and firewalls aren’t enough
  • How to thwart security threats

On the Radar: Private Communications

Ovum’s “On the Radar” series highlights up-and-coming companies bringing potentially disruptive ideas, products or business models to their markets. In this piece they evaluate Private Communications’ offerings and why they should be on your radar.

According to Ovum, Private Communications’ offerings:

  • Encrypt users’ Internet traffic while connected to public WiFi hotspots
  • Do not degrade the Internet experience or reduce the device battery life or processing power
  • Present opportunities for service providers to differentiate themselves amongst competitors

Media Coverage

Private WiFi on CNN

Our employee Caleb Huff was featured in a segment on CNN, which focused on how public WiFi can easily lead to identity theft.

Private WiFi on Good Morning America

Good Morning America investigates the risks of keeping your private information secure when using open WiFi networks.

Private WiFi on CBS

CBS News’ Jericka Duncan reports on how Private WiFi can keep mobile users safe from hackers and identity thieves while on public WiFi.


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