How To: Managing Your Android Security

Several popular Android apps regularly share your location and critical phone data such as your phone number with advertisers and others. The following sections contain tips you can use to keep the data in your Android smartphone out of the wrong hands. Permissions You can view the information that each app you’ve downloaded is able… Read More

How To: Managing Your iPhone Security

Smartphones, like the iPhone, have become increasingly important to our modern lives, and accessing account and professional content is shifting more towards mobile devices. The iPhone has security options that you can use, which are listed below. Use a Passcode Make sure that you are using a passcode onto your iPhone, which is the easiest… Read More

How To: Managing Your Palm OS Security

The following sections contain some simple things you can do to ensure your Palm security. Assign a Password First, assign a password to your device: From the Palm Launcher, go to the Security application. Enter your password, including a password hint. Confirm your new password when prompted. To make it easier to lock your device,… Read More

How To: BlueKai, Online Tracking, and Your Privacy

BlueKai is an online marketing firm that provides data to marketers, ad networks and publishers. This data is used to target ads to consumers. This information that BlueKai gathers is considered “anonymous” because it identifies web browsers, not individuals. However, because they gather data from multiple sources, it’s easy for them to build a very… Read More

How To: Lotame, Online Tracking, and Your Privacy

Lotame is a behavior targeter focused on social networks, like Facebook. The information that Lotame and other similar companies gather is considered anonymous because it identifies web browsers, not individuals. However, aggregating data from multiple sources means companies can easily create a detailed profile of a user that many privacy experts believe can actually identify… Read More

How To: eXelate, Online Tracking, and Your Privacy

eXelate Media is a company that collects and sells web data on consumers. EXelate has been criticized for linking web-surfing habits with personal data, since this crosses a major privacy line. eXelate gathers consumer data from hundreds of websites and can determine a consumer’s demographic information and web habits using cookies. Though eXelate claims its… Read More

How To: Understanding the Network Advertising Initiative and How to Opt Out

The Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) develops standards for online advertising. It is an industry trade group which was formed in 1999. This group was created by advertisers because of concerns from the Federal Trade Commission and consumer groups that online advertising was harming user privacy. The NAI creates guidelines for participating advertisers and advertising networks… Read More

How To: Google Search Results and Your Privacy

Like all search engines, Google’s search results contain information that is publicly available on the Internet. Google cannot remove content directly from the Internet. While it’s possible to remove content from display in Google’s search results, this would still leave the original content as it exists on the Internet. If you want to remove something… Read More