How To: Installing Patches and Automating Updates

Patches are software that fix problems or issues with a computer program. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, and improving the usability or performance.

Most software, browsers, and operating systems have features that allow them to be updated automatically when connected to the Internet. When an Internet connection is established, these programs prompt you about updates that are available for download. You can then choose to download them or choose to delay this to some later date. Several programs, especially when just released, are prone to certain design errors or faults. The developers make patches or updates available for you to download and add them to the installed program. Checking the publishers or developers website for available uploads and patches can be helpful.

It is important to download software, browser, and operating system patches from reputed and official sites to avoid viruses. It is also important when installing patches that firewalls within your browser that prevent the patches from being received be disabled.