How To: Managing Your Pinterest Security

This article contains some guidelines you should follow when using Pinterest. Pinterest is a social website that allows users to share photos and images. But you should be aware that it also collects personal information from you.

What Pinterest Tracks

Pinterest is very much like Facebook, in that it records your IP address and the last website you were on before logging into Pinterest. It also uses cookies to track what sites you visit around the Internet. Pinterest, like many other websites, says that it collects this information to serve you products you might be interested in, but Pinterest also shares this information with other third parties.

One way to limit tracking by Pinterest is to use browser add-ons that stop cookies and other tracking (such as Ghostery). You can also use the Do Not Track feature in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer which lets websites know that you do not want to be tracked.

Secret Boards

It used to be that everything you shared on Pinterest could by seen by anyone. But now you can create something called “Secret Boards” which allows you to share images with only those people you want to.

To create a Secret Board:

  1. At the bottom of your profile, click Create a Secret Board.
    Note: You can also click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to select Create Board, then switch on the Secret button.
  2. Next, you can access the Boards tab to add a secret board.