Private Communication Corp. Launches Innovative VPN Capabilities for Today’s Distributed Computing Environment

Remote WorkForce VPN is an affordable, easy-to-use VPN for SMBs, designed for work-from-anywhere employees using cloud-based networks.

October 15, 2022: Private Communications Corporation (PCC), a leading provider of security products to protect individuals’ privacy, announces an advanced VPN specifically designed for small and mid-sized companies who are facing the twin challenges of hybrid work environments and widely distributed computing platforms.

Remote WorkForce VPN is a cloud-based VPN solution that is affordable and easy to use. It provides the security of end-to-end encryption when accessing corporate IT resources which may be on a legacy LAN or implemented on various cloud-based networks, such as AWS or Azure. The product protects companies’ data security even if the home wifi is not properly configured or completely unsecure, such as in a coffee shop or airport lounge.

Over 40% of cyberattacks are aimed at SMBs, leading to serious financial losses and damage to reputation. Since remote working has become the new normal, the need for SMBs to address cybersecurity has escalated. Nevertheless, many SMBs have not yet adopted the necessary security tools, because of high costs and poor usability.

“Large corporations typically provide VPNs for their employees who work remotely,” said Kent Lawson, CEO. “However traditional VPNs are expensive and notoriously difficult to use. SMBs need an enterprise-caliber defense that is also easy to implement and affordable. And that is why we developed Remote WorkForce VPN.”

Supports legacy LANs and cloud-based networks

Employees working remotely need access to resources which may be:

  • Back in the office, behind a firewall
  • Implemented on the various cloud-based networks (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • SaaS applications, such as SalesForce, Hubspot or SAP
  • General Internet sites (Google, etc.)

Most traditional VPNs are point-to-point. They connect the users’ devices to the firewall to provide access to resources on the LAN. Access to resources that are in the cloud either involve first back-hauling the traffic thru the LAN, which creates performance problems, or may not have VPN/encryption protection at all, which puts corporate resources at risk.

Remote WorkForce VPN is different. Whether working at home or in a public hotspot (such as a coffee shop, hotel or airport lounge), employees will have VPN encryption to protect all their communication. They can request access to corporate IT resources simply by domain name. Remote WorkForce VPN automatically routes the request directly to the resource, regardless of where it is located, via a secure tunnel established for that user. Therefore, not only is Remote WorkForce VPN much easier to use than older solutions, it is also more secure.

Features of Remote WorkForce VPN

End-to-end encryption
Remote WorkForce VPN establishes a secure tunnel to all corporate IT resources, regardless of whether they are located on the corporate LAN, one of the cloud-based providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) or even SaaS apps. The encryption technology military grade, 256 bit.

Two-Factor Authentication
This ensures users credentials are not compromised. Logon attempts that don’t satisfy established restrictions are automatically blocked, before any damage is done.

Easy to use
Remote WorkForce VPN automatically routes requests for corporate IT resource to the correct network. Users do not have to remember where the apps reside. The product is easy to install, easy to administer and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Management Visibility
Remote WorkForce VPN provides management with visibility into remote workers productivity.

Affordable price point
While Remote WorkForce VPN is provides advanced security and is feature-rich, it is still affordable so that even small organizations can protect their whole team at a low monthly fee for each device.

Private Branding
PCC’s products may be private branded or our services built into partners’ apps via an SDK.

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