Private Communications Corp. Launches Video Optimization Service to Help Mobile Customers Squeeze the Most from their Plans and to Help MVNOs Pay Less to Carriers

NEW YORK, NY Private Communications Corporation (PCC), the leading provider of Internet security and mobile optimization utilities for consumers, today has officially launched its Video Optimization service.

PCC’s Video Optimization technology dramatically reduces the data consumed when users are watching videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, as well as over 40% of the top 1000 sites in the US, and over 750,000 worldwide.

The video optimization technology works both in the browser and in apps.

Users can select “Moderate” which provides 40-50% reduction with no noticeable change in video quality or “Max” which reduces data consumed by 70-80% with slight fuzziness. In addition, video optimization can be combined with PCC’s Ad Blocking service. This service is extremely popular with users, as it reduces screen clutter and increases privacy.

Using PCC’s Video Optimization and Ad Blocking, typical users save 20-25% on their monthly data usage.

For unlimited customers, this greatly reduces the likelihood of getting throttled; for customers on a limited plan, this greatly mitigates the risk of unexpected overage charges.

The service is currently in PCC’s SDK and PCC is partnering with MVNOs who are looking to reduce what they are paying providers for data. Specifically, MVNOs can benefit on the arbitrage between what customers are paying for data and what the MVNO pays to the carriers.

Commenting on the launch, Kent Lawson, CEO of PCC, said, “Over half of all data traffic is video and that is increasing rapidly. We are thrilled to have a service that empowers consumers to decide how much data they want to consume and helps MVNOs to stay competitive by reducing expenses on a monthly basis.”

Plans are to have the Video Optimization technology integrated into PCC”s DataCompress app in 2Q2019.

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