PRIVATE WiFi Celebrates Data Privacy Day (January 28th) with Exciting Contests and Promotions

PRIVATE WiFi, a new and innovative company in the security software market, in conjunction with the Identity Theft Resource Center® (ITRC), is proud to announce the return of its popular “Hide Your Face on Facebook” contest, as well as two exciting promotions.

On Data Privacy Day, January 28th, PRIVATE WiFi will offer a 50% discount on all new yearly PRIVATE WiFi subscriptions with the following coupon code: CPNPRIVACYDAY. For More information click here on their Data Private Day blog entry.

The “Hide Your Face on Facebook” contest begins on the same day and runs through the month of February. This contest encourages Facebook users to go to the PRIVATE WiFi Facebook page ( and upload pictures to the wall that show themselves covering their faces in support of safe online identities. Creativity is encouraged!

Each week in February, PRIVATE WiFi will select one of the photos at random which will be the featured picture on PRIVATE WiFi’s Facebook wall. Additionally, they will create a photo album featuring all of the photo entries they receive.

PRIVATE WiFi is also giving out great prizes. Every Friday for four weeks, they will give out one free yearly subscription to Facebook users who upload photos to their wall! And one lucky grand prize winner will receive an iPad 2!
Also on Data Privacy Day, PRIVATE WiFi will tweet a message to its Twitter followers. They will select at random three retweeters of this message and give each of them free six month subscriptions to PRIVATE WiFi.

“Each day, more and more people are realizing how important it is to protect their online identities by using a personal VPN like PRIVATE WiFi,” PRIVATE WiFi CEO Kent Lawson writes. “On Data Privacy Day, we want to take the opportunity to educate as many people as we can about protecting themselves from online security risks.”

Private WiFi and the ITRC want to spread awareness on this important issue in a fun and engaging way. So they encourage everyone to show their support for keeping their online identities safe while getting a chance to win great prizes from PRIVATE WiFi!

About Public Wifi Risks

Public wifi usage has been increasing exponentially in recent years due to its convenience and accessibility. These days, you can access the Internet from just about anywhere: coffee shops, airports, public libraries, hotel rooms, and just about any other public place. However, most of us are not aware the online identity risks inherent in using a public wifi network.

Wifi networks use radio waves to connect computers to one another. This means that when you connect to a public network, you are basically exposing all of your computer files, including personal data such as credit card information, passwords, and social security numbers, to anyone within that network. This has led to a new type of hacking called “sniffing.” Sniffers are computer tools that don’t require physical access to your computer. With the right software, easily available on the Internet, hackers can use sniffers to steal any unencrypted data on a public wifi network. It could even be the guy sipping his coffee at the table right next to you.

The best way to protect your sensitive information is to use a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, which encrypts the data moving to and from your laptop. The encryption protects all your Internet communication from being intercepted by others in wifi hotspots. In addition, VPNs can prevent hackers from connecting to your laptop and stealing your data files.

Most large companies have a company-supported VPN to protect corporate communications. PRIVATE WiFi provides the same capability for individuals, business travelers, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

About ITRC

Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) is a nonprofit, nationally respected organization dedicated exclusively to the understanding of identity theft and related issues. The ITRC provides victim and consumer support as well as public education. The ITRC also advises governmental agencies, legislators, law enforcement, and businesses about the evolving and growing problem of identity theft.


Private Communications Corporation is a security technology company that protects personal data and information on the Internet. PRIVATE WiFi, the company’s flagship software product, encrypts all computer data across unencrypted wifi networks, enhancing online privacy for those without access to VPNs. Founded by software entrepreneur Kent Lawson, Private Communications Corporation is headquartered in Sherman, CT. For more information, visit their website at and for articles and other online privacy resources, please visit You can also connect with them on Facebook at