PRIVATE WiFi Unveils WiFi Dashboard to Alert Windows 8 Users When a Wireless Network Is Unsecure

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Jul 23, 2014) –   PRIVATE WiFi today unveiled a new free app — WiFi Dashboard — for Windows 8 personal computers and Surface tablets, which will alert users when they are using unsecure or unencrypted WiFi. Many hotspots — whether people access them in a hotel, coffee shop, park, or are using an open connection at home — are unsecure. WiFi Dashboard shows the connectivity status of the network and provides information about the network name, IP address, and location. This new app is the first of its kind for Windows 8 to alert people when they are connected on an unsecure connection, so that they can take immediate steps to protect their identity and personal information.

According to a 2014 Nielsen study, 66 percent of U.S. adults said they have used public WiFi. Thirty-nine percent of this group said that they have accessed or transmitted sensitive information while using public WiFi, which increases their chances of getting hacked or having their identity stolen. WiFi Dashboard for Windows 8 decreases the chance of this happening. It keeps users informed and makes unsecure WiFi connections easily and immediately visible.

“We stand for empowering users to protect themselves online and we believe that information is power. That’s why this app is so exciting for us — it’s very intuitive and simple to see if a connection is secure or not. We make it free for users so that they can make their own decisions, whether it’s waiting to conduct a sensitive banking transaction later or installing a personal virtual private network (VPN). A VPN would enable them to go about their business as usual, immediately and without worry,” said PRIVATE WiFi CEO Kent Lawson.

WiFi Dashboard offers an easy-to-use interface complete with color-coded live tiles, so that people know exactly how secure their connection is — wherever they are working or surfing the Internet. The colors include:

Red: Insecure (no encryption or WEP)

Blue: Secure (WPA/WPA2, wired, dial-up)

Green: Encrypted (VPN)

Black: No Internet connection

Users who download the app are also eligible for a free 10 day trial of PRIVATE WiFi’s VPN, which offers 128-bit SSL encryption technology — the same technology trusted by banks and government agencies — so that users’ data will stay secure and protected. The VPN utilizes encrypted pathways between devices and its servers so that users will be invisible to hackers.

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Private Communications Corporation is a security technology company that protects personal data and information on the Internet. PRIVATE WiFi, the company’s flagship software offering, encrypts all computer data across unencrypted WiFi networks, enhancing online privacy for those without access to virtual private networks. PRIVATE WiFi was founded by software entrepreneur Kent Lawson, who is concerned about the growing number of privacy issues on the Internet.

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PRIVATE WiFi protects your identity by making your sensitive information invisible on any public WiFi network. For more information, please contact us at 1-888-525-3078.