How To: Opera Privacy and Security Settings

To manage your security settings in Opera, do the following: Go to Opera > Settings. The Settings window appears. Click Privacy & security on the left navigation panel. Click Manage certificates for an overview of your installed certificates. The Certificate Manager window appears. You can view, delete, import or export any of these certificates. Then… Read More

How To: Firefox Privacy and Security Settings

Firefox has security measures in place to help protect you as you browse the web. Follow these steps to adjust these settings: From Firefox, go to Open menu > Options. The Options window appears. Click the General tab. This tab allows you to set Firefox as your default browser. Select the Always ask me where… Read More

How To: Chrome Privacy and Security Settings

Google Chrome has security measures in place to help protect you as you browse the web. Follow these steps to adjust these settings: Click the drop-down menu from the right side of the browser toolbar and select Settings. Select Show advanced settings at the bottom of the web page. Phishing and malware protection This option… Read More

How To: Managing Your BlackBerry Security

The BlackBerry contains a number of options you can set to help maximize the safety and security of your BlackBerry. To manage your BlackBerry security: Go to Options > Security Options. Under General Settings, set Password to Enabled. Note: This section also allows you to set other security defaults, such as the number of password… Read More

How To: Managing Your Android Security

Several popular Android apps regularly share your location and critical phone data such as your phone number with advertisers and others. The following sections contain tips you can use to keep the data in your Android smartphone out of the wrong hands. Permissions You can view the information that each app you’ve downloaded is able… Read More

How To: Managing Your iPhone Security

Smartphones, like the iPhone, have become increasingly important to our modern lives, and accessing account and professional content is shifting more towards mobile devices. The iPhone has security options that you can use, which are listed below. Use a Passcode Make sure that you are using a passcode onto your iPhone, which is the easiest… Read More

Why Your Facebook Chats are Being Monitored

What you say in your private chats and messages on Facebook may not be as private as you think. According to a recent report from Reuters, the social media giant employs a mums-the-word technology that scans posts and chats for criminal activity. If something is fishy, the content is flagged and then read by an employee who will access the conversation and call the police, if necessary.

Find out why.

How To: Managing Your Palm OS Security

The following sections contain some simple things you can do to ensure your Palm security. Assign a Password First, assign a password to your device: From the Palm Launcher, go to the Security application. Enter your password, including a password hint. Confirm your new password when prompted. To make it easier to lock your device,… Read More