How To: Managing Your BlackBerry Security

The BlackBerry contains a number of options you can set to help maximize the safety and security of your BlackBerry.

To manage your BlackBerry security:

  1. Go to Options > Security Options.
  2. Under General Settings, set Password to Enabled.
    This section also allows you to set other security defaults, such as the number of password attempts before the device is locked out. Enter your changes by pressing the Back button and then enter your new password.
  3. Go to General Settings and enable Content Protection.
  4. In the Strength section, select Strong (80 bits), Stronger (128 bits), or Strongest (256 bits).
    Use Strongest for the most security.
  5. Press the Back button and then create an encryption key by randomly moving the trackball and typing characters.
    You should regenerate an encryption key every month. To do this, go to Security Options > General Settings, click on any service, and then click Regenerate encryption key.

Turn Off Bluetooth

By default, Bluetooth is set to on, which leaves you exposed to Bluetooth-based attacks.

To turn off Bluetooth:

  1. From the Home screen, go to Set Up Bluetooth.
  2. When prompted to add a device, select Cancel.
  3. Press the Menu button, and then select Options.
  4. Set Discoverable to No, so other devices can’t find your BlackBerry.
  5. Set Security to High.
  6. Enable only those services you think you are going to use with Bluetooth, most commonly headset and hands-free.
  7. Exit and save.

Clear Memory

Memory Cleaning deletes sensitive data such as unencrypted email messages and username, password, and other certificate-related info, from memory. You can set the BlackBerry to clear memory under certain circumstances; for example, when you holster your BlackBerry or lock it. You can clear your Blackberry memory by going to Security Options.