How To: Lotame, Online Tracking, and Your Privacy

Lotame is a behavior targeter focused on social networks, like Facebook. The information that Lotame and other similar companies gather is considered anonymous because it identifies web browsers, not individuals. However, aggregating data from multiple sources means companies can easily create a detailed profile of a user that many privacy experts believe can actually identify individuals.

Online tracking is done almost entirely by cookies and beacons. These two items allow third-party companies to track which parts of a web page the user has visited, potentially identifying information held in the URL of the page the computer is visiting, such as an email address.

Most advertisers and data collectors have relationships with many different websites, which allows them to follow a user around the Internet. Over time, this surveillance lets them build detailed profiles of the user’s interests and activities.

Many security experts think that this rapid expansion of online tracking and data collecting means that there is almost no practical legal limits on how the data can be used.

How to Opt Out

To opt out of LoTame’s tracking, go here.