Software Entrepreneur Launches Security Company Focused on Internet Safety, Protecting Data on Unencrypted Public Wifi Networks

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Software Entrepreneur Launches Security Company Focused on Internet Safety, Protecting Data on Unencrypted Public Wifi Networks

Kent Lawson Creates Private Communications Corporation to Help Counter Increasing Hacker Threats on Public Wifi Networks

SHERMAN, CONN., January 27, 2011 – Every day, millions of consumers use more than 400,000 known unencrypted wifi networks or “hotspots” worldwide, according to JiWire, via computers and mobile devices, making their personal information (e.g. bank and online shopping transactions, email accounts, general identity and client files) vulnerable to hackers.

In response to this increasing online security risk, long-time software entrepreneur Kent Lawson, founder of Magna Software Corporation, has launched a new security technology company named Private Communications Corporation (PCC). PRIVATE WiFi™, the company’s flagship software product, encrypts all the data going into and out of a person’s computer to support online privacy and help protect communications over public hotspots.

“Online identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation, and corporate security breaches are rampant and mostly unpublicized,” Lawson said. “The increasing popularity of public wifi hotspots has exacerbated these crimes. Yet, existing security programs, like firewalls, may protect consumers from Internet viruses, but they do nothing to protect communications that travel over public hotspots.”

While most large corporations traditionally provide Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for employees working outside the office to protect against hackers, consumers and small to medium-sized businesses are often left exposed. If people use unprotected computers or mobile devices in hotels, airports or coffee shops, their personal information is there for the taking, Lawson said.

“PRIVATE WiFi now provides a VPN service to fill this gap and secure consumers’ online privacy,” Lawson added.

With zero disruption to the user, PRIVATE WiFi encrypts all data going in and out of a PC over vulnerable wifi communications. If others intercept the data, it will be completely unintelligible. The communication is then decrypted and sent to the website the person is trying to access, with no discernible delay. Designed to always be “on” just like antimalware and antivirus software, PRIVATE WiFi’s encryption also protects against anyone using wifi to hack into a PC to access private files. Even for “secure” websites, PRIVATE WiFi will add another necessary layer of protection, Lawson said.

With PRIVATE WiFi, consumers can have added protection against:

  • Online identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • General invasion of privacy; hijacked log-in and password information (e.g. hacking into email and Facebook accounts).
  • Medical insurance fraud
  • Loss of personal files and data
  • Theft of trade secrets, confidential client information (for business professionals)

“To date, the solutions in the marketplace have been mostly technology ‘geek’ focused or only available to employees of large corporations,” Lawson added. “We’ve created the VPN for the rest of us.”

For more information about PCC or to purchase/download PRIVATE WiFi, please visit

About Private Communications Corporation:

Private Communications Corporation is a security technology company that protects personal data and information online. PRIVATE WiFi, the company’s flagship software product, encrypts all computer data across unencrypted wifi networks, enhancing online privacy for those without access to virtual private networks. Founded by software entrepreneur Kent Lawson, Private Communications Corporation is headquartered in Sherman, Conn. For more information, visit us at, and for articles and other online privacy resources, please visit Please also connect with us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at @PrivateWiFi.


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