RemoteWorkForce VPN

RemoteWorkForce VPN

Protect Your Work-from-Home Team | Protect Your Company Data | Protect Your Customers | Protect Your Business | Create a secure encrypted tunnel for all your company’s communications and activities while employees work remotely.

The Problem:

It’s a fact of life that many people now work remotely. 

Back when everyone was in the office, we had the controls in place to provide data security and assure a secure wifi connection. Also, it was relatively easy to see when employees were working and what they were doing.

But now, we have to rely on our employees’ home wifi set-ups and so there is no way of being certain that the data communications are secure. This puts your business at risk. And when employees venture out and use public wifi – which is completely open, the risks to business are amplified. In addition, when people are remote, you lack visibility into when they are working and what they are actually doing during work hours. 

The solution is Remote WorkForce VPN. It will establish an encrypted connection so that everything your employees do – wherever they are – is completely secure. It will also enable managers to know when employees are working and what they are doing online.

It’s an easy-to-use VPN designed specifically for SMBs like yours, in the new world of employees working remotely.

The Solution:

Remote WorkForce VPN provides:

  • Powerful, pervasive encryption
    • 256-bit encryption protects sensitive data traffic and secures vulnerable endpoints at home and on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Access
    • Limit access to only certain websites or prohibit access to select sites
  • Visibility
    • Optional monitoring to assess remote employees online working hours and activities
  • Low-cost, critical protection
    • Secure every member of your team, for one low monthly fee for each device
  • An easy-to-use solution
    • While your team works from home, give them reliable, hassle-free protection

Built for Today’s Distributed Computing Environment

Employees working remotely need access to resources which may be:

  • Back in the office, behind a firewall
  • Implemented on the various cloud-based networks (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • SaaS applications, such as SalesForce, Hubspot or SAP
  • General Internet sites (Google, etc.)

Most legacy VPNs are point-to-point. They connect the users’ devices to the firewall to provide access to resources on the LAN. Access to resources that are in the cloud either involve first back-hauling the traffic thru the LAN, which creates performance problems, or may not have VPN/encryption protection at all, which puts corporate resources at risk.

Remote WorkForce VPN is different. Whether working at home or in a public hotspot (such as a coffee shop, hotel or airport lounge), employees will have VPN encryption to protect all their communications. They can request access to corporate IT resources as usual (bookmarks, etc.), or use the convenient menu of resources that Remote WorkForce provides. Remote WorkForce VPN automatically routes the request directly to the requested resource, regardless of where it is located, via a secure tunnel established for that user. Not only is Remote WorkForce VPN much easier to use than older solutions, it is also more secure.

How It Works

Once you sign your company up for Remote WorkForce VPN you will have access to a control panel that will enable you to identity each person in your organization whom you want to have this protection and how many devices you want them to be protected on.

If someone leaves the company, or losses their device, it’s easy to make the change on the control panel.

For example, you may ask each employee to install Remote WorkForce VPN on two devices, one laptop and one mobile device. Once you enter this information and their work email, they will receive an email from us that explains how to download Remote WorkForce VPN; they can just click on the link below to install on all their devices:

How about “When they begin their workday and wake up their device, Remote WorkForce VPN automatically activates the encryption, assuring that corporate communication is protected. It’s that simple.

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