RemoteWorkForce ZTN Partnering

RemoteWorkForce ZTN Partnering

Securing Businesses by Securing Work-From-Home Employees

Private Label Remote WorkForce ZTN

Businesses are facing multiple emerging threats and their attack surfaces are increasing as more employees access their corporate network from remote locations. Your customers need a secure easy-to-use service to survive the “new normal,” one that protects their business and employees from cyber attacks, data loss and other online threats.

The Zero Trust concept is state-of-the-art for corporate IT security and widely accepted by large scale enterprises and government agencies. Remote WorkForce ZTN is scaled specifically for the needs of SMBs.

With Remote WorkForce ZTN, your customers can benefit from:

  • True Zero Trust protection
    • Employees only have access to IT resources that they are specifically authorized to use. Other corporate resources are not even visible and any unauthorized attempts to access them are blocked.
  • Comprehensive reporting
    • Remote WorkForce ZTN tracks time on/off network, as a proxy for employee work hours. Detailed reporting of activity online is also available.
  • Support for today’s distributed computing environment
    • Easy, secure access to corporate resources, whether on legacy LANs, cloud-based providers (AWS, Azure, GCP) or SaaS applications.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Two-factor authentication manages access and keeps unauthorized malicious traffic off their networks.
  • Powerful, pervasive encryption
    • 256-bit encryption protects sensitive data traffic and secures vulnerable endpoints at home and on public Wi-Fi networks. 
  • Low-cost, critical protection
    • Securing every member of their team, on every device they use. Available for PC, Mac, Android, iOS.
  • An easy-to-use solution
    • While their team works from home, employees and employers have reliable, hassle-free protection.
  • Scales effortlessly
    • Whether your customer has 20 employees or 2,000, the solution is the same.  With our easy to integrate control panel it’s easy to manage every user account and our seamless centralized billing allows you to add end users in real time.

Support Your Strategies With Our Technology

The service runs on our world-wide server network, branded with your company’s logo and you will own the customer relationship for life. Your company becomes synonymous with trusted communication and maintains a vital connection to your clients and their distributed workforce.

Simplifying Secure Network Access for All

Private Communication Corp. (PCC) is an experienced, trusted, turn-key VPN provider for both consumers and businesses. 

Our Remote WorkForce VPN product was built to support today’s work-from-anywhere environment. All internet traffic is encrypted, a critical level of security for employees doing company business over public wifi as well as home wifi that is not standardized. Our patented technology is easy to use, affordable. Two-factor authentication manages access and keeps unauthorized malicious traffic off your network. PCC’s network of dedicated private servers delivers low-latency global coverage. 

Remote WorkForce ZTN is built on the same trusted and mature VPN technology. VPNs provide secure access at the network level. Our ZTN version moves this protection down to the level of individual IT resources. Users can only access to resources that are specifically authorized. Other resources on the same network are not even visible to them. The system is easy to install, easy to administer and easy to use. We invite you to request a demo so we can prove that to you. 

Private Communication Corp. partners with companies ranging from boutique firms to Fortune 500 tech giants. These relationships protect millions of end points, and are the framework for our 100% partner focused philosophy.

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